ANDROID MONEY COURSE 2020 – Earn $50-$500/Day – Free Download

I am Luke, indie Android developer but more a businessman. I am making money from Android development and Android Market (Google Play) for 2011. I earned a lot but also not amazing numbers. Currently my total earnings from Google Play are arround $4mln. Not big but also not small number, especialy I am working alone and not hiring any people. My way is different – publish a lot of apps in Google Play as much I can and defeat Google Play algorithms. I am working against rules and Google Play policy but never breaking any law. Methods presented in this course are legal but sometimes not moral. You can ask me and yourself, why I am sharing my knowledge? Course is expensive, money is money. Google cannot destroy these methods because they would need to invent Android from scratch. There are 180 000 Android Developers in Google Play. I think, few sales will not make me any competition. People are also very lazy, I figured out that maybe 1% of user wants to hard work and learning from my course. They buy it and forget. I see it on our course Discord – people are playing computer games for whole days. It’s a shame.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Access to course, each method is step by step tutorial with source code or images
  • Access to course Discord, community with buyers, to discuss about Google Play
  • Source codes from SellMyApp/Codecanyon/Chupamobile worth $15 000, ready to reskin and use in your applications
  • Support 1h/week, mostly weekends, to talk about your business

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