Ben Burns – The Perfect Proposal – Free Download

Ben Burns – The Perfect Proposal — Thefutur — Free download

The right proposal can change everything.

Sending clients the right proposal is the difference between winning and losing a job. Projects can go straight to your competitors, clients could ghost you, or you have to haggle over your price.

But there’s a delicate balance to crafting it.

Knowing what to include and what to leave out allows you to justify charging more, close more leads, and give clients full clarity into your process. But how do you know what’s too much, too little, or just right?

You can win more clients and better projects.

The Perfect Proposal will show you how to create a killer proposal, time and time again, to win more jobs and close leads. You’ll know exactly when and how to send proposals—and more importantly—when not to waste your time sending ones that would never get accepted.

Everything you need to craft effective proposals that win jobs and close leads.

Finally feel confident your proposals will work.

Negotiate Less
Haggling sucks. It’s stressful and draining. Prevent it altogether and charge more with a great proposal.

Stop Guessing
Get your hands on a completely transparent look inside how we respond to RFPs and new business here at Blind.

Stop making proposals every time a lead comes in. Learn when to spend your time and effort wisely.

What You’ll Get

35+ Page Guidebook
The Perfect Proposal guidebook is full of tips, tricks and guidelines that will help you build and send your next proposal. There’s no fluff here- everything is tactical, actionable and ready to be customized to fit your business.

Real Blind Proposal

A real-life proposal that we sent to an actual lead. The only thing we scrubbed out of the document was the client’s information. Everything else is exactly how they received it. See how we wrote the deliverable descriptions, structured the flow, how our introduction letter read and more.

Blank Proposal Template

A stripped-down, Helvetica-only, black and white version of our Blind template. With all the layout and typography styling removed, it’s a clean canvas for you to adapt to your brand. All of the page templates that we use in our proposals are present, ready for you to plug and play. Delivered in Keynote, PowerPoint, and PDF format.

Who this is for:

If you want to close bigger, better leads, you need a great proposal.

Whether you’re just starting out in client-direct work, or have struggled with closing leads in the past, The Perfect Proposal was made specifically for you:

  • Side Hustlers
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Studio Owners

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