Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop

[Group Buy] Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop

Dear Fellow Direct-Response Entrepreneur,

For years, top players in the marketing space have been asking me to do this…
Well, after 20 years in this business, I’m finally… for the first time ever… revealing everything I know about crafting marketing copy that converts like crazy
I’m talkin’ about… 
The most complete and comprehensive walk-thru of what I do to repeatedly pump-out copy for campaigns and promotions which bring in serious money. 
Here, finally, is your opportunity to learn real “world-class” copy secrets only a handful of the savviest marketers even knew existed a short time ago… including the…“Super-Advanced” Skills, Know-How,
And Techniques Of…★ How to nail the perfect marketing hook every time
… so prospects can’t resist the deep psychological urge to dive into your marketing! (“Categorical Criteria Checklist”)
★ …How to induce prospects to believe… as a fact… every benefit claim you make about your product! (“Claim Reframing”)
★ …How to compel prospects to want your product so badly, they see it as an urgent need, right now! (”Payoff Stacking”)
★ …How to assure prospects view you with unquestionable credibility and authority… even if you have zero experience or testimonials! (“The Triple Proof Syntax”) 
★ …How to drive the marketplace wild with desire for your product… seeing it as something new, unique, and HOT!… even if you’re selling something common or ordinary! (“Mechanism Frontloading”) 
★ …How to guarantee your copy produces monster sales… anytime you want to whip-up a promotion! (“Copy Sequencing”)
★ … Plus… how to stimulate (and manage) a steady flow of fresh and provocative marketing ideas… equipping you to finally experience a string of your own back-to-back-to-back big-money campaigns! (“PI Inversion Method”)And that’s just a small “taste” of what’s in store for you. 

Quickly, here’s a recap of everything you get:

  • One ticket to attend Todd Brown’s historic two-day A-Z Copywriting Workshop (Sept. 25-26)
  • ​The unedited video & audio recording bundle of the entire Workshop (within 24 hours after the Workshop concludes
  • All the Workshop slides in several PDF handouts
  • ​FREE! CRAZY BONUS: One of only 100 multi-volume sets of the biggest, rarest, & most valuable marketing swipe file on the planet! (Value $5,000.00)


Name of course: Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop | Size: 12.28 GB

Original Price: $2999/ Our Price: $40

Status: Instant Delivery (Receive the download link right after making the payment)

Contact us via email: courses24dollar@gmail to get payment link


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