Group Buy

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Group Buy (GB)

Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers
products and services at significantly reduced prices
on the condition that a minimum number of buyers
would make the purchase.


GB stands for Group Buy. It’s our way of bringing you
brand new cutting-edge courses at a massive
reduction in price to you. We purchase a course or
program for its full price by collecting money from
members (members contribute equal shares of the
full price).
Each member who is interested in getting involved
with the GB needs to pay his or her part.

So, how does it work?

Download + Upload

I will download all the files from the original site and upload it to our Download site as usual.

You can pay now + download

After uploading the course I will open a NEW GROUP BUY, send an email to all members and also add new item to buy. Finally, you can pay and download the course.

Updates and Wait Times

Since I will be the original buyer, I will also be able to update the course.

Only Lifetime Members can get access to GB courses (REASON: Prices for these Group Buys are quite high, it has to be fair to the buyers. It will also reduce sharing and the most importantly – bring more high value courses on the site ! )

Group Buy Products